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高性能水泥干缩的测试方法及机理研究 【作者】蔡安兰 【导师】许仲梓; 严生

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【作者】蔡安兰导师许仲梓; 严生水利论文:T#Jz1TLb9G V#I{#S

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O1e_1D:eH3\ zF0【中文摘要】 目前,全社会对水泥混凝土工程质量要求不断提高,对其生产的高消耗(能源和自然资源)、高环境负荷问题十分关注。为使水泥混凝土材料走可持续发展之路,国家将“高性能水泥制备和应用的基础研究”列入973重点基础研究发展规划的研究项目。水泥混凝土处于低湿的环境下因失水而导致体积收缩称为干缩。干缩是引起水泥混凝土开裂的最主要原因之一,干缩裂缝导致水泥混凝土耐久性下降,有时甚至导致结构破坏。混凝土的干缩主要是由水泥浆体引起的。因此,研究水泥的干缩特征及机理,建立结构优化模型,对于指导高性能水泥的制备与生产具有十分重要的意义。论文以砂浆为研究对象,首先从几个方面以现行标准JC/T法作对比研究并确定了合理的、方便的水泥砂浆干缩改进试验方法(以下均称为改进法)。以改进法测定干缩,同时结合TG-DSC、化学结合水测定、孔结构测定、NMR、IR等现代化测试方法,研究了影响水泥干缩的各种主要因素及原因,研究了高C3S水泥系统的强度、干燥收缩动力学及干燥收缩过程,研究了水泥石的结构、组成与干缩性能的关系(干燥收缩机理),提出了降低水泥基材料干缩开裂的措施。主要结论如下:JC/T法与改进法两种方法测得的水泥砂浆干缩率...更多是线性相关的;改进法测得的水泥砂浆28 d干缩率与水泥3 d强度之间相关性更明显;改进法测得的水泥砂浆干缩与以同种水泥配制的混凝土干缩之间成二次多项式相关,可根据其与混凝土干缩之间的关系,预测混凝土的干缩。改进法不仅可以节省时间和节约原料,还可以减少系统误差和人为误差。水泥石基体参数对水泥砂浆的干缩影响很大。砂浆的干缩随水灰比增大而增大,这种影响在水灰比小于0.5时明显,而水灰比大于0.5时不明显。砂浆的干缩随胶砂比增大明显增大。砂浆的干缩随水泥细度(比表面积)提高而增大。粉煤灰替代水泥后可明显减少水泥砂浆的在各龄期的干缩,且水泥砂浆的干缩率随粉煤灰替代量增加线性减少;高掺量粉煤灰水泥的干缩在早期(21 d)就达到稳定值。矿渣微粉替代水泥后对水泥的干缩的影响与粉煤灰类似,但无粉煤灰明显。  还原水利论文vz.Q$r1L'`oiE

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【英文摘要】 At present, all over the world shows the increasing demand of cement and concrete of superior engineering quality and shows great concern about the problems of its immense consumption of energy and natural resources and burden of the environment. To ensure the sustainable development of cement and concrete materials, it is taken as one of the important project of state 973 plan to study on preparation and application of high performance cement.When concrete is under low humidity conditions, its volume will contract and distort due to moisture loss. Drying shrinkage is one of the main causes of cracking in concrete structures. Drying cracks reduce the durability of concrete structures and sometimes lead to a concrete structure destroyed. Drying shrinkage of concrete structures is mainly caused by the drying shrinkage of cement paste. To guide the preparation and manufacture of high performance cement, it is important to research on the drying shrinkage character and mechanism of cement,...更多 to optimize structure model.A reasonable and feasible test method for drying shrinkage of mortar called improved method was first determined from several aspects in comparison with current standard JC/T method. Using improved method to measure drying shrinkage, simultaneously using TG-DSC, chemical bound water, pore structure and pore size distribution of hydrated cement mortars, NMR and IR analysis, influence of key parameters on drying shrinkage of cement was studied; The strength, Drying shrinkage dynamics, and drying shrinkage process of high C3S Cement System were studied; the relationship between the microstructure, composition and drying Shrinkage of cement pastes was also studied; Measures to reduce drying shrinkage cracking of cement based materials were proposed. The results indicate:The drying shrinkage values of cement mortars tested by the improved method keeps a well linear correlation with that of JC/T method. There is more clear relationship between drying shrinkage at 28 days tested by the improved method and  还原

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[\*oarrw0【中文关键词】 水泥砂浆; 干缩; 试验方法; 影响因素; 动力学; 机理水利论文6@om}h:P m8H }
【英文关键词】 Cement mortar; Drying shrinkage; Test method; Factors; Dynamics; Mechanism
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