交替分层法解决河口海岸三维z坐标水流模式底边界拟合问题 (包芸)

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!f8SE1A(@$` s9L0【作者】包芸 【作者单位】中山大学力学系水利论文1RX!fV1^/W0]Gp


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【论文摘要】 本研究利用河口三维水流数值模式平面变量空间配置的交替网格方法,设计并发展了速度和水位的交替分层法,成功地解决了垂向等平面 z 坐标模式将实际海底变为台阶状的问题.在 ccost-2d 水动力模式的基础上,发展了采用垂向 z 坐标模式而又能保证实际海底底边界模拟的三维水动力数值模式 ccost-3d。以珠江西四口门网河与海区的整体计算模拟为算例, 求解得到三维流场,水平表层速度分布和口门河道纵向剖面速度分布计算合理.

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【英文论文摘要】 The alternate layer method for speed and water level is designed and developed adopting the alternate grid method based on the plane variable configuration for the three-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical model in estuary,and the problem that the seabed is changed into steps by using the vertical z-coordinates mode is successfully solved.Based on ccost-2d model,the 3-D hydrodynamic numerical model ccost-3d is developed,which adopts the vertical z-coordinates mode and ensures the simulation of the actual seabed bottom boundaries.As an example,the three-dimensional flow for the overall simulation of four gates in the west of the Pearl River is calculated.The results of the distribution of the level surface speed and the vertical profile speed in the gates and the river ways are reasonable.水利论文| _$b E\? gX IyK

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【论文关键词】 交替分层法; 三维模式; 垂向 z 坐标; 珠江河口; ccost-3d
8G*p?z1I9P0【英文论文关键词】 alternate layer method; 3-D numerical model; vertical z-coordinates model; estuary; ccost-3d
"dK"G*v E8W0【基金】国家自然科学基金项目(10772204).




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