Application of Boundary Collocation Method to Two-Dimensional Wave Propagation--

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q9cz!P2\:{0【摘要】:Boundary Collocation Method(BCM) based on Eigenfunction Expansion Method(EEM), a new numerical method for solving two-dimensional wave problems, is developed. To verify the method, wave problems on a series of beaches with different geometries are solved, and the errors of the method are analyzed. The calculation firmly confirms that the results will be more precise if we choose more rational points on the beach. The application of BCM, available for the problems with irregular domains and arbitrary boundary conditions, can effectively avoid complex calculation and programming. It can be widely used in ocean engineering.

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boundary collocation method eigenfunction expansion method wave propagation beach

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【基金】:financially supported by the Special Fund for Marine Renewable Energy Projects(Grant Nos.GHME2010GC01 and GHME2013ZB01)水利论文+Ag8H(C/] SS&^

Q)]F'Bg-ntg?0the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.51109201 and 41106031)

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1.IntroductionThe study of wave propagation on beaches is of considerable importance for wave power deviceand coastal engineering.Many studies have been devoted to wave propagation theories based onanalytic and numerical methods(Stokes,1947;Wen,1964a,196水利论文+cD(F~YD'hEn

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