Behavior of Pile Group with Elevated Cap Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loads--《Chi

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Behavior of Pile Group with Elevated Cap Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loads

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陈云敏 顾明 陈仁朋 孔令刚 张浙杭 边学成水利论文BHr9D*yh6Kl4O


【摘要】:The pile group with elevated cap is widely used as foundation of offshore structures such as turbines, power transmission towers and bridge piers, and understanding its behavior under cyclic lateral loads induced by waves, tide water and winds, is of great importance to designing. A large-scale model test on 3×3 pile group with elevated cap subjected to cyclic lateral loads was performed in saturated silts. The preparation and implementation of the test is presented. Steel pipes with the outer diameter of 114 mm, thickness of 4.5 mm, and length of 6 m were employed as model piles. The pile group was cyclic loaded in a multi-stage sequence with the lateral displacement controlled. In addition, a single pile test was also conducted at the same site for comparison. The displacement of the pile cap, the internal forces of individual piles, and the horizontal stiffness of the pile group are presented and discussed in detail. The results indicate that the lateral cyclic loads have a greater impact on pile group than that on a single pile, and give rise to the significant plastic strain in the soil around piles. The lateral loads carried by each row of piles within the group would be redistributed with loading cycles. The lateral stiffness of the pile group decreases gradually with cycles and broadly presents three different degradation patterns in the test. Significant axial forces were measured out in some piles within the group, owing to the strong restraint provided by the cap, and finally lead to a large settlement of the pile group. These findings can be referred for foundation designing of offshore structures.


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pile group large-scale model test cyclic lateral loads stiffness degradation settlement

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【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.51225804 and U1234204)水利论文%V8JI eZ#v;H}~V5g%O

s&_K$C j$Jsi C0the Zhejiang Electric Power Design Institute水利论文Wa{Dx/DV7m] e

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CHEN Yun-min(陈云敏)a,GU Ming(顾明)a,CHEN Ren-peng(陈仁朋)a,1,1.IntroductionWith the sustained economic growth and the implementation of marine development strategy,constructions of harbor engineering and offshore engineering are flourishing recently aro水利论文t4f] V,E!Z)W:{X:e

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