Research on Design Method of the Full Form Ship with Minimum Thrust Deduction Fa

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#N,?1U5\ wW u5O0Research on Design Method of the Full Form Ship with Minimum Thrust Deduction Factor

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.e d+d,{| x `0【摘要】:In the preliminary design stage of the full form ships, in order to obtain a hull form with low resistance and maximum propulsion efficiency, an optimization design program for a full form ship with the minimum thrust deduction factor has been developed, which combined the potential flow theory and boundary layer theory with the optimization technique. In the optimization process, the Sequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique(SUMT) interior point method of Nonlinear Programming(NLP) was proposed with the minimum thrust deduction factor as the objective function. An appropriate displacement is a basic constraint condition, and the boundary layer separation is an additional one. The parameters of the hull form modification function are used as design variables. At last, the numerical optimization example for lines of after-body of 50000 DWT product oil tanker was provided, which indicated that the propulsion efficiency was improved distinctly by this optimal design method.

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G"zE+p4DB0optimization minimum thrust deduction factor NLP Rankine source method boundary layer separation水利论文!{L)D Ok9\X x

b;F#x;B-]P y,Xu0【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.51009087)水利论文y8T3s|0}(k-ju5L

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0pO%H"wvQW"N/?0ZHANG Bao-ji(张宝吉)1,MIAO Ai-qin(缪爱琴)and ZHANG Zhu-xin(张竹心)1.IntroductionIn the design of energy-saving ships,under the circumstances of meeting the use,it is veryimportant for reducing resistance to improve the efficiency of the self-propulsion.T水利论文Pfx7y.]ww

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