Dynamic Stability Analysis of Caisson Breakwater in Lifetime Considering the Ann

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T z9j$}:GRR~0Dynamic Stability Analysis of Caisson Breakwater in Lifetime Considering the Annual Frequency of Severe Storm水利论文7anm5AZP5rk8?U

Du;k?W!] o8t0王禹迟 王元战 洪宁宁

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em-Q9PSHkeL*D$O0【摘要】:In the dynamic stability analysis of a caisson breakwater, most of current studies pay attention to the motion characteristics of caisson breakwaters under a single periodical breaking wave excitation. And in the lifetime stability analysis of caisson breakwater, it is assumed that the caisson breakwater suffers storm wave excitation once annually in the design lifetime. However, the number of annual severe storm occurrence is a random variable. In this paper, a series of random waves are generated by the Wen Sheng-chang wave spectrum, and the histories of successive and long-term random wave forces are built up by using the improved Goda wave force model. It is assumed that the number of annual severe storm occurrence is in the Poisson distribution over the 50-year design lifetime, and the history of random wave excitation is generated for each storm by the wave spectrum. The response histories of the caisson breakwater to the random waves over 50-year design lifetime are calculated and taken as a set of samples. On the basis of the Monte Carlo simulation technique, a large number of samples can be obtained, and the probability assessment of the safety of the breakwater during the complete design lifetime is obtained by statistical analysis of a large number of samples. Finally, the procedure of probability assessment of the breakwater safety is illustrated by an example.水利论文Vt)B&~5t b

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【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.51279128)


-j;I `*Ln+BC0the Innovative Research Group Science Foundation(Grant No.51321065)水利论文N7mZ'i\ cJ6_%c;j2t

^&Z$fL.aR0the Construction Science and Technology Project of Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China(Grant No.2013328224070)

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]k3Y N%X:ow,vC8B01.IntroductionSignificant progress has been made on dynamic stability analysis of caisson breakwaters withextensive research efforts.Oumeraci and Kortenhaus(1994)and Klammer et al.(1996)investigatedthe dynamic response characteristics of caisson breakwat

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