Numerical Method for Wave Forces Acting on Partially Perforated Caisson--《China

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Numerical Method for Wave Forces Acting on Partially Perforated Caisson水利论文8`5?~%[CXslx:e

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【摘要】:The perforated caisson is widely applied to practical engineering because of its great advantages in effectively wave energy consumption and cost reduction. The attentions of many scientists were paid to the fluid–structure interaction between wave and perforated caisson studies, but until now, most concerns have been put on theoretical analysis and experimental model set up. In this paper, interaction between the wave and the partial perforated caisson in a 2D numerical wave flume is investigated by means of the renewed SPH algorithm, and the mathematical equations are in the form of SPH numerical approximation based on Navier–Stokes equations. The validity of the SPH mathematical method is examined and the simulated results are compared with the results of theoretical models, meanwhile the complex hydrodynamic characteristics when the water particles flow in or out of a wave absorbing chamber are analyzed and the wave pressure distribution of the perforated caisson is also addressed here. The relationship between the ratio of total horizontal force acting on caisson under regular waves and its influence factors is examined. The data show that the numerical calculation of the ratio of total horizontal force meets the empirical regression equation very well. The simulations of SPH about the wave nonlinearity and breaking are briefly depicted in the paper, suggesting that the advantages and great potentiality of the SPH method is significant compared with traditional methods.水利论文U-t#Iu TfM9{C b


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【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.51179030)水利论文a"g NX g


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1.IntroductionPartial perforated caisson breakwater was initially proposed by Jarlan(1961).It is well knownthat the perforated caisson can not only reduce the wave energy and reflection acting on the harborstructures,but also reduce the role of the wave水利论文'x*qQ$D(O#Y ^f

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