Formulation of Reduction Rate for Ultimate Compressive Strength of Stiffened Pan

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Formulation of Reduction Rate for Ultimate Compressive Strength of Stiffened Panel Induced by Opening


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)LG cLUl0【摘要】:The main objective of this study is to numerically investigate the characteristics of ultimate compressive strength of stiffened panels with opening and also to fit the design-oriented formulae. For this purpose, three series of well executed experimental data on longitudinally stiffened steel plates with and without opening subjected to the uniform axial in-pane load which is carried out to study the buckling and post-buckling up to the final failure are chosen. Also, a nonlinear finite element method capable of efficiently analyzing the large elasto-plastic deflection behavior of stiffened panels is developed and used for simulation. The feasibility of the present simulation process is confirmed by a good agreement with the experimental results. More case studies are developed employing the simulation process to analyze the influence of various design variables on the reduction rate of ultimate strength of stiffened panel induced by opening. Based on the computed results, two design formulae are fitted and the accuracy of design formulae is studied. Furthermore, the viability of the design formulae for practical engineering is proved.

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stiffened panel opening reduction rate non-linear analysis formulae fitting

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【基金】:financially supported by Mid-Career Researcher Program NRF(Grant No.NRF-2013R1A2A2A01017021)funded by the Ministry of Science


IQf,}bq"`0ICT and Future Planning of Korea,and HIT Discipline Guide Fund(Grant No.WH20140102)水利论文 p,gDUv#Q hh


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1.Introduction Owing to the simplicity in their fabrication and excellent strength-to-weight ratio,stiffened panelsare used extensively for ship decks and hulls,components of offshore structures,box-girder bridgesand so on.Openings are necessitated by pi水利论文 c Y.p-U ?

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