Experimental Study on Bubble Pulse Features Under the Combined Action of Horizon

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【摘要】:The pulse features of a bubble have a close connection with the boundary condition. When a bubble moves near a rigid wall, it will be attracted by the Bjerknes force of the wall, and a jet pointing at the wall will be generated. In real application, the bubble may move under the combined action of walls in different directions when it forms at the corner of a pipe or at the bottom of a dam. The motion of the bubble shows complex and nonlinear characteristics under these conditions. In order to investigate the bubble pulse features near complex walls, a horizontal wall and a vertical wall are put into the experimental water tank synchronously, and an electric circuit with 200 voltages is designed to generate discharge bubbles, and then experimental study on the bubble pulse features under the combined action of horizontal and vertical walls is carried out. The influences of the combined action of two walls on the bubble shape, pulse period, moving trace and inside jet are obtained by changing the distances from bubble center to the two walls. It aims at providing references for the relevant theoretical and numerical research.



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bubble combined action horizontal and vertical walls experimental study水利论文T!R6l^2b/p]@-z

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【基金】:financially supported by the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars(Grant No.51222904)水利论文"X ]/KG.I*?

,q FJG.BC0the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.51379039)


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S9zk0O xSz01.Introduction Under the Bjerknes force of a rigid wall(horizontal,vertical or oblique),a bubble shows differentpulse features in different phases:in the expansion stage,the bubble is slightly repulsed by the wall,andthe curvature of the side near wall r

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