Dynamics of Large-Truncated Mooring Systems Coupled with A Catenary Moored Semi-

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Dynamics of Large-Truncated Mooring Systems Coupled with A Catenary Moored Semi-Submersible

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:[-CnL5x&[S9|1T$w0【摘要】:With the floating structures pushing their activities to the ultra-deep water,model tests have presented a challenge due to the limitation of the existing wave basins.Therefore,the concept of truncated mooring system is implemented to replace the full depth mooring system in the model tests,which aims to have the same dynamic responses as the full depth system.The truncated mooring system plays such a significant role that extra attention should be paid to the mooring systems with large truncation factor.Three different types of large truncation factor mooring system are being employed in the simulations,including the homogenously truncated mooring system,non-homogenously truncated mooring system and simplified truncated mooring system.A catenary moored semi-submersible operating at 1000 m water depth is presented.In addition,truncated mooring systems are proposed at the truncated water depth of 200 m.In order to explore the applicability of these truncated mooring systems,numerical simulations of the platform’s surge free decay interacting with three different styles of truncated mooring systems are studied in calm water.Furthermore,the mooring-induced damping of the truncated mooring systems is simulated in the regular wave.Finally,the platform motion responses and mooring line dynamics are simulated in irregular wave.All these simulations are implemented by employing full time domain coupled dynamic analysis,and the results are compared with those of the full depth simulations in the same cases.The results show that the mooring-induced damping plays a significant role in platform motion responses,and all truncated mooring systems are suitable for model tests with appropriate truncated mooring line diameters.However,a large diameter is needed for simplified truncated mooring lines.The suggestions are given to the selection of truncated mooring system for different situations as well as to the truncated mooring design criteria.水利论文y9H$q;[~I {



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1.IntroductionPresent exploration of hydrocarbon has been moved into a deeper water as the reserves in shallowwater have been depleted in recent years.The offshore floating structures operated in deep waterinclude SEMI,FPSO,TLP,and Spar.It is very essent

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