Analysis of Energy Characteristics in the Process of Freak Wave Generation--《Chi

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【摘要】:The energy characteristics in the evolution of the wave train are investigated to understand the inherent cause of the freak wave generation.The Morlet wavelet spectrum method is employed to analyze the numerical,laboratory and field evolution data of this generation process.Their energy distributions and variations are discussed with consideration of corresponding surface elevations.Through comparing the energy characteristics of three cases,it is shown that the freak wave generation depends not only on the continuous transfer of wave train energy to a certain region where finally the maximum energy occurs,but also on the distinct shift of the converged energy to high-frequency components in a very short time.And the typical energy characteristics of freak waves are also given.


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1.IntroductionFreak waves(Klinting and Sand,1987),usually much higher than the normal waves in the ocean,have been paid much attention to for their disastrous destruction of ocean engineering structures(Kharif and Pelinovsky,2003;Zhao et al.,2009,2010).T

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