Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Sediment Transport of A Tidal River Under Influ

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Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Sediment Transport of A Tidal River Under Influence of Wading Engineering Groups


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)OZv"j`s OJc6~)C0【摘要】:By taking the Yong River for example in this paper,based on the multiple measured data during 1957 to 2009,the change process of runoff,tide feature,tidal wave,tidal influx and sediment transport are analyzed.Then a mathematical model is used to reveal the influence mechanism on hydrodynamic characteristics and sediment transport of the wading engineering groups such as a tide gate,a breakwater,reservoirs,bridges and wharves,which were built in different periods.The results showed the hydrodynamic characteristics and sediment transport of the Yong River changed obviously due to the wading engineering groups.The tide gate induced deformation of the tidal wave,obvious reduction of the tidal influx and weakness of the tidal dynamic,decrease of the sediment yield of flood and ebb tide and channel deposition.The breakwater blocked estuarine entrances,resulting in the change of the tidal current and the reduction of the tidal influx in the estuarine area.The large-scale reservoirs gradually made the decrease of the Yong River runoff.The bridge and wharf groups took up cross-section areas,the cumulative affection of which caused the increase of tidal level in the tidal river.水利论文F@q+G1iE`


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hydrodynamic characteristics sediment transport wading engineering groups tidal river tide gate

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【基金】:financially supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China(Grant No.51125034)水利论文:I{Q/mq a)a


the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.51279046 and 50909037)水利论文hs:?4b+dN:E


the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(Grant No.2010B01114)

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1.IntroductionThe hydrodynamic characteristics and sediment transport of tidal rivers are more complicatedbecause of the double action of runoff and tide.With the economical development of coastal districts,there are more and more exploitation and utiliz水利论文i Aq*x {

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