Air-Floating Towing Behaviors of Multi-Bucket Foundation Platform--《China Ocean

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Air-Floating Towing Behaviors of Multi-Bucket Foundation Platform水利论文#J4k6U3Ff8_? I

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【摘要】:Air-floating towing behaviors of multi-bucket foundation platform(MBFP)are investigated with the 1/20-scale model tests and hydrodynamic software MOSES.MOSES numerical model was validated by test results,and MOSES prototype model of MBFP can eliminate scale effect of model.The influences of towing factors of towing speed,water depth,freeboard,and wave direction on air-floating towing stability of MBFP were analyzed by model tests and validated MOSES prototype model.It is shown that the reduction of towing speed can effectively decrease the towing force and surge acceleration to improve towing stability.Water depth is another factor in towing stability.Obvious shallow water effect will appear in shallow water with small water depth-draft ratio and it will disappear gradually and air-floating towing becomes more stable with the increase of water depth.Accelerations of surge,sway and heave are small and they have modest changes when freeboard increases from 0.5 to 2 m.For MBFP,the freeboard is not suggested to be larger than 2 m in following wave.Wave direction has large influence on the towing stability,the surge acceleration and towing force are sensitive to the variation of wave direction,the surge acceleration and towing force in following wave(0)and counter wave(180)are much larger than that in transverse sea(90 and 270).


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【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.51309179)水利论文0G@0`t#}*b1s!o

bK7T4D2zQ'aU:q {/v.X0the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program,Grant No.2012AA051705)水利论文w{ACS0{

7HQ!]iC0the International S&T Cooperation Program of China(Grant No.2012DFA70490)

I,E HoO H&S%eT0

Z eb R,Z0the State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety(Tianjin University)水利论文/P/~Wt"I$G


the Tianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation(Grant No.13JCYBJC19100)



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1.IntroductionBucket foundation as a novel mobile foundation has already been applied to offshore platformfoundation,offshore wind turbine,etc.Bucket foundation has wide scope of application,and waterdepth and the terrain have small influence on it.It st

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