Dynamic Motion and Tension of Marine Cables Being Laid During Velocity Change of

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Dynamic Motion and Tension of Marine Cables Being Laid During Velocity Change of Mother Vessels水利论文'eit~ `^ uqc

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【摘要】:Flexible segment model(FSM)is adopted for the dynamics calculation of marine cable being laid.In FSM,the cable is divided into a number of flexible segments,and nonlinear governing equations are listed according to the moment equilibriums of the segments.Linearization iteration scheme is employed to obtain the numerical solution for the governing equations.For the cable being laid,the payout rate is calculated from the velocities of all segments.The numerical results are shown of the dynamic motion and tension of marine cables being laid during velocity change of the mother vessels.水利论文 d6Y(ym8e hs2\/e(W




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dynamics calculation discretization method marine cable cable laying cable payout rate

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.51009092 and 51279107)水利论文,X \)j7s6n n

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Doctoral Foundation of Education Ministry of China(Grant No.20090073120013)水利论文4ru{y&|f


Scientific Research Foundation of State Education Ministry for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars

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"sj _ A hUm01.IntroductionIn the current information age,more and more marine telecommunication cables have been laid toconnect two offshore areas or islands.Laying cable is a common task in ocean engineering.In thecable laying operation,the velocity of mother vesse水利论文/K_FrnQ q

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