Effects of Perforated Baffle on Reducing Sloshing in Rectangular Tank:Experiment

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7j@UU%DpZ _n0Effects of Perforated Baffle on Reducing Sloshing in Rectangular Tank:Experimental and Numerical Study

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!FUJ%`.RuXo0薛米安 林鹏智 郑金海 马玉祥 苑晓丽 Viet-Thanh NGUYENa

&e1x f"A7E0 水利论文AH r!uT#?K

【摘要】:A liquid sloshing experimental rig driven by a wave-maker is designed and built to study liquid sloshing problems in a rectangular liquid tank with perforated baffle.A series of experiments are conducted in this experimental rig to estimate the free surface fluctuation and pressure distribution by changing external excitation frequency of the shaking table.An in-house CFD code is also used in this study to simulate the liquid sloshing in three-dimensional(3D)rectangular tank with perforated baffle.Good agreements of free surface elevation and pressure between the numerical results and the experimental data are obtained and presented.Spectral analysis of the time history of free surface elevation is conducted by using the fast Fourier transformation.

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!RB/f+p]7KGz0liquid sloshing experimental study rectangular tank perforated baffle

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【基金】:supported by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(Grant No.2012M511192)


8mm zH*E;r i8V0the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.51209080 and 51061130547水利论文;B;e*t!\ [9hA.L


Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Coastaland Off shore Engineering(Grant No.LP1207

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b|`3a1sS$Tf!q0the Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering(Grant No.1213)水利论文x8n;y7XJ1G/e~$g


Qing Lan Project and 333 Project of Jiangsu Province(Grant No.BRA2012130)

7^&w{g/zM PC;k0

a z"N#y~%B};@~+S9Z0the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(Hohai University,Grant No.2012B06514

p;ESk{/q0 水利论文)iv0I#t#GY~8P

the 111 Project(Grant No.B12032)水利论文^ _'F,O0?T ^;e

Lt-{f:rG+e0Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China(Grant No.20120181110084)

Y!ov5ndcB0 水利论文i`9ftU8y2i


8o#iYE:M XsAE:M0【正文快照】:


9\e5f7f-J"J)t0eO01.IntroductionSea wave-induced ship motions such as sway,heave,and roll result in severe sloshing of liquidsin LNG/LPG tankers and ballast containers.Violent sloshing can create highly localized impact forceon tank walls or ceiling which may lead to dama

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