Disintegration of Linear Edge Waves--《China Ocean Engineering》2013年04期

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*} g E}#ImC(a?]D0Disintegration of Linear Edge Waves

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王岗 Viet Thanh Nguyena 郑金海 董国海 马小舟 马玉祥


oUg%y1s0【摘要】:It is demonstrated that offshore wavenumbers of edge waves change from imaginary wavenumbers in deep water to real wavenumbers in shallow water. This finding indicates that edge waves in the offshore direction exist as evanescent waves in deep water and as propagating waves in shallow water. Since evanescent waves can stably exist in a limited region while propagating waves cannot, energy should be released from nearshore regions. In the present study, the instability region is predicted based on both the full water wave solution and the shallow-water wave approximation.

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(U {DN&m0【关键词】:

j5]6l~?9NI0 水利论文h#~sI(F0W

edge waves; evanescent waves; propagating waves; water waves水利论文(n.uG!H EV.]

水利论文/v6qS%W*|+x ^](KM7KP

【基金】:financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51209081)

F.{ V!TmS]0 水利论文%D"dd2C2x

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 2012M511191)


v0dT;l FkG:~0the Qinglan Project and 333 Project of Jiangsu Province (Grant No. BRA2012130)水利论文 tO Gv8y d0Y@

水利论文 C ^"^0m [&R:u0Y.n

the National Key Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program, Grant No. 2010CB429002)水利论文 ~;qq8k`(p9aw z _b


the 111 Project (Grant No. B12032)水利论文cn4~ve(d&tn

水利论文_ _1x C vWe J_fs

the Basic Research Funds for the Central Universities (Hohai University 2012B06514)

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8v9j*S*m v}}U0【分类号】:P731.2水利论文~e NM%wT sZr l

水利论文 CY4Lif

【正文快照】:水利论文 o$eu d(z

水利论文W2TaV?q0t` A'a`*q&I%C

1. Introduction The existence of edge waves in nature has been known for a long time. Field measurements and experimental observations have shown that edge waves play an important role in many phenomena and characterize both the hydrodynamics and the mor水利论文@Q1C9@8^&gt

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