Portable Dynamic Positioning Control System on A Barge in Short-Crested Waves Us

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Portable Dynamic Positioning Control System on A Barge in Short-Crested Waves Using the Neural Network Algorithm


9U2Y+w5VW4qw)\l0FANG Ming-chung LEE Zi-yi


+{0U-hF1N fK0【摘要】:This paper develops a nonlinear mathematical model to simulate the dynamic motion behavior of the barge equipped with the portable outboard Dynamic Positioning (DP) system in short-crested waves. The self-tuning Proportional-Derivative (PD) controller based on the neural network algorithm is applied to control the thrusters for optimal adjustment of the barge position in waves. In addition to the wave, the current, the wind and the nonlinear drift force are also considered in the calculations. The time domain simulations for the six-degree-of-freedom motions of the barge with the DP system are solved by the 4th order Runge-Kutta method which can compromise the efficiency and the accuracy of the simulations. The technique of the portable alternative DP system developed here can serve as a practical tool to assist those ships without being equipped with the DP facility while the dynamic positioning missions are needed.水利论文X9X ]zj x9Z1Y


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Department水利论文e/cR,{+{ B!B6?S

0? NA5H o y0【关键词】:

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neural network; PD controller; dynamic positioning; short-crested wave水利论文`!| R N ht

'}.T*SM6wV y0【基金】:financially supported by the Science Council Taiwan (Grant No. NSC-96-2221-E006-329-MY3)

#SPF N+RH/`b(U0 水利论文j9]2qb6y;?.[9w?

partly supported by the Research Center of Ocean Environment and Technology NCKU水利论文`dA1g)Zs


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1. Introduction The Dynamic Positioning (DP) system can automatically maintain the position and heading of a ship precisely in ocean environment by using thrusters, which is very important not only to oil-drilling vessels but also to the working ship to水利论文*Wd1t/njJ C

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