Route Height Connection Across the Sea by Using the Vertical Deflections and Ell

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Route Height Connection Across the Sea by Using the Vertical Deflections and Ellipsoidal Height Data水利论文!~t*L#Y6U.R{1X$F+@ {9?

Q"W5[E k4Gs7D#Iy0郭金运 陈永宁 刘新 钟世霞 麦照秋

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【摘要】:Distance between the main land and island is so long that it is very difficult to precisely connect the height datum across the sea with the traditional method like the trigonometric leveling,or it is very expensive and takes long time to implement the height transfer with the geopotential technique.We combine the data of GPS surveying,astro-geodesy and EGM2008 to precisely connect the orthometric height across the sea with the improved astronomical leveling method in the paper.The Qiongzhou Strait is selected as the test area for the height connection over the sea.We precisely determine the geodetic latitudes,longitudes,heights and deflections of the vertical for four points on both sides across the strait.Modeled deflections of the vertical along the height connecting routes over the sea are determined with EGM2008 model based on the geodetic positions and heights of the sea segmentation points from DNSC08MSS model.Differences of the measured and modeled deflections of the vertical are calculated at four points on both sides and linearly change along the route.So the deflections of the vertical along the route over the sea can be improved by the linear interpolation model.The results are also in accord with those of trigonometirc levelings.The practical case shows that we can precisely connect the orthometric height across the Qiongzhou Strait to satisfy the requirement of order 3 leveling network of China.The method is very efficient to precisely connect the height datum across the sea along the route up to 80 km.

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College水利论文%v-E g3K.} v1mP

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d"Zh6_0@:K*_M0height connection across sea;deflection of the vertical;astro-geodesy;orthometric height;ellipsoidal height

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 40974004)

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j3Z5tk,s`0the National High-Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program,Grant No. 2009AA121405)水利论文.x-~sIeL


the Key Laboratory of Surveying and Mapping Technology on Island and Reef of NASMG,China (Grant No. 2011A01)

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the Key Laboratory of Advanced Engineering Surveying of NASMG,China (Grant No. TJES1101)


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AW @1P"I n4F3W01. IntroductionHeights as the basic geographical information reflect the earth surface undulations and thegeopotential differences. There are two main height systems in geodesy, that is, the ellipsoidal heightreferenced to one reference ellipsoid and the

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