Application of New Concept Waterproofing in Xiang'an Undersea Tunnel,China--《Chi

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Application of New Concept Waterproofing in Xiang'an Undersea Tunnel,China

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4U2F&cS0V?qC5r0【摘要】:As a kind of transportation mode for crossing channels,undersea tunnel has incomparable advantages for its directness,convenience,fastness,insusceptibility to weather conditions,and smaller influences on environments.In recent years,with the development of undersea tunnel construction,the design and construction technologies have been greatly enhanced.The first undersea tunnel in China has just been built.Waterproofing is the key technique of undersea tunneling.A new concept of waterproofing scheme of grouting,sealing,draining and divided sections was adopted in the construction of the tunnel based on the researches,the in-situ geological features,the astuteness of the current technology,and the cost of construction.The structural details of the sealing and draining system are introduced to illustrate the salient features of the new waterproofing technique.It is hoped that experiences described in the paper can offer guidance for the construction of the extensive undersea tunnels in the coming years.水利论文6t G;{5a`C,n(]y


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undersea tunnel;waterproofing;sealing-draining system

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%m F EN8U |?0【基金】:supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program,Grant No. 2010CB732104)水利论文ho4i(H;G

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the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant No. 2011JBM133)



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+|"KV7_Q] dFH01. IntroductionThe huge transportation flows of passengers and goods in China put high pressures on the existingtransportation networks requiring the existing system to be updated and the new transportationfacilities to be built in the coming decades. In水利论文Q y'c!ea*s `%ys

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