Beach Profiles Characteristics Along Giao Thuy and Hai Hau Coasts,Vietnam:A Fiel

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y0B'a(~%| ZY?K0Beach Profiles Characteristics Along Giao Thuy and Hai Hau Coasts,Vietnam:A Field Study


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【摘要】:Giao Thuy and Hai Hau coasts are located in Nam Dinh province, Vietnam, with a total coastline of 54.42 km in length. The sea-dike system has been seriously damaged and there have been many dike breaches which caused floods and losses. This situation is considered of a general representative for coastal area in the northern part of Vietnam. A variety of studies have shown that the gradient in the longshore sediment transport rate and the offshore ?ne sediment lost are the main mechanisms causing the beach erosion. This study presents a field investigation of the beach profiles at Giao Thuy and Hai Hau beaches. Three types of empirical functions for the equilibrium beach profile are applied and compared with the observations. Results show that all observed beach pro?les can be described by a single function. However, one specific equilibrium pro?le equation is not sufficient to assess all beach pro?les. In Section 1 of Giao Thuy and Section 3 of Hai Thinh beaches, beach profiles are consistent with the logarithmic function, while the exponential function fits well in Section 2. This difference is explained with respect to coastal morphology, sediment characteristics and hydrodynamic conditions which vary in site. An analysis of the validity of the beach profile functions is recommended for the numerical modeling and engineering designs in this area.

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s9d#W6N:[o[ K y#[X9N0beach profile;field study;power function;exponential function;logarithmic function

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【基金】:supported by Vietnam International Education Development Ministry of Education and Training(Grant No.322)水利论文7UVex#c!?t^

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the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(Grant No.2012B06514)水利论文2G)s,@4{I

Pm5^/A0U9r k.f:y]0the Special Research Fund of State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering(Grant No.2009585812)


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#\;ck%[#~*N,UA q01.IntroductionThe equilibrium beach profile(EBP)is the result of the balance between destructive forces andconstructive forces in a natural coast.The EBP concept is a useful approach in both theoretical andpractical coastal engineering studies,and is the水利论文 G-di)Vi g!K'D

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