Direct Numerical Simulation of Interaction Between Wave and PorousBreakwater Bas

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A J3L RH P N0【摘要】:In this paper, a numerical model is established. A modified N-S equation is used as a control equation for the wave field and porous flow area. The control equations are discreted and solved by the finite difference method. The free surface is tracked by the VOF method. The pressure field and velocity field of the whole flow area are solved by the reiterative iteration method. Finally, compared with the physical model test results of wave flume, the numerical model established in the present study is validated.水利论文 x z6q'y.L{

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5^8[Oy]I7d8?;[0wave;porous breakwater;N-S equation;numerical simulation

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1. Introduction In the coastal and offshore engineering, especially in the design of slope structure, gravity structure, pile foundation structure and submerged pipeline, the issue on the interaction of the wave-structures-seabed is very important. The d

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