A Method to Determine the Incident Wave Boundary Conditions and Its Application-

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A Method to Determine the Incident Wave Boundary Conditions and Its Application

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【摘要】:When studying the harbor water tranquility, cases are often confronted as that the verification point is not located on the generation line or that the angle between the generation line and the isobath is so large that the differences of the wave climates along the generation line can not be ignored. For these cases, the incident boundary conditions are difficult to evaluate. In order to solve this problem, a combined wave model is developed in the present paper based on the Boussinesq equation and the wave action balance equation. Instead of the one-line wave generation method, a multi-line generation method is proposed for the combined model. Application of this method is given to a case that the harbor is designed with two entrances and the angle between the generation line and the isobath is large and the results are shown reasonable. We suggest that the wave generation method on multi-lines might also be introduced to the wave physical model as the replacement for the one-line generation method.

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incident wave; boundary condition; harbor; water tranquility; multi-line wave generation水利论文)j4sxe6S9^ K

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.50921001)水利论文-wH:C~#Q`DQ

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【正文快照】:水利论文\/oIsq5m p

7Sy+h?(?:SP01.IntroductionPhysical and numerical modeling for wave and tide are two important techniques to investigate the dynamic water environment in the near shore zone(Zheng et al.,2010).As for tide modeling, either physical or numerical,the verification proced

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