Numerical Simulation of Wave-Induced Currents Combined with Parabolic Mild-Slope

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【摘要】:Researches on breaking-induced currents by waves are summarized firstly in this paper. Then, a combined numerical model in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates is presented to simulate wave-induced current in areas with curved boundary or irregular coastline. The proposed wave-induced current model includes a nearshore current module established through orthogonal curvilinear transformation form of shallow water equations and a wave module based on the curvilinear parabolic approximation wave equation. The wave module actually serves as the driving force to provide the current module with required radiation stresses. The Crank-Nicolson finite difference scheme and the alternating directions implicit method are used to solve the wave and current module, respectively. The established surf zone currents model is validated by two numerical experiments about longshore currents and rip currents in basins with rip channel and breakwater. The numerical results are compared with the measured data and published numerical results.水利论文%VV2W2|8U%H s1_J/`



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Vt sp XN'J w0wave-induced current; curvilinear coordinates; mild-slope equation; shallow water equations; radiation stress水利论文4Dj7`v!~oy

*Cg |;v7v8m}0【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 50839001 and 50979036)水利论文*x/v!Zd3T:^e8L

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1. Introduction In coastal waters, the formation of fluid flow accompanied by the waves breaking and wave heights attenuation is known as the wave-induced currents. Wave-induced currents exist in and in the vicinity of the surf zone, with wave set-down a

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