Dispersal and Fate of Dredged Materials Disposed of in the Changjiang Estuary De

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Dispersal and Fate of Dredged Materials Disposed of in the Changjiang Estuary Determined by Use of An in Situ Rare Earth Element Tracer水利论文p\me(^8F/nO/L

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刘高峰 吴华林 郭文华 朱建荣 孙连成水利论文'Xc0eK4jr:Vs WR(G


【摘要】:To investigate the dispersal pattern and the fate of dredged materials disposed at a pre-selected disposal site, a field tracer experiment was conducted in the North Passage of the Changjiang Estuary during the 2005 flood season. Three tons of dredged materials were mixed with 2.792 kg of sodium hexachloroiridate (IV) hexahydrate (SHH), which contained the rare earth element tracer iridum (Ir). Sampling was conducted at pre-selected sections of the estuary on the second, third and fourth day after the release of dredged materials. All samples were evaluated by use of neutron activation analysis. The majority of the dredged material was dispersed nearly parallel to the navigation channel and deposited between the channel and the south dike. Only a small quantity of dredged materials entered or crossed the navigation channel, and the back silting ratio in the navigation channel was about 5%. The dredged materials also dispersed southeasterly beyond two dike heads.水利论文9r5oQ7Pty.yD-N

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dredged material; tracer sediment transport; Neutron activation analysis; deepwater navigation channel of the Changjiang Estuary

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 50979053 and 50939003)水利论文w&dj8Hlk^

"te4f"cG1S0the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program, Grant No. 2010CB429002)水利论文 c8B { ks1sn

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^V-X?(r01. Introduction Dredging activities are necessary for channel deepening and maintenance of existing navigation channels. This continuing need to dredge will produce millions of cubic meters of materials each year. For economic reasons, most dredged mater水利论文|Y/bD'@!dc~.m

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