Prediction of Non-Cavitation Propeller Noise in Time Domain--《China Ocean Engine

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{-Orm*P/t$u0【摘要】:The blade frequency noise of non-cavitation propeller in a uniform flow is analyzed in time domain. The unsteady loading (dipole source) on the blade surface is calculated by a potential-based surface panel method. Then the time- dependent pressure data is used as the input for Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings formulation to predict the acoustics pressure. The integration of noise source is performed over the true blade surface rather than the nothickness blade surface, and the effect of hub can be considered. The noise characteristics of the non-cavitation propeller and the numerical discretization forms are discussed.

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PPg;m3lu9kp0propeller; surface panel method; noise; time domain水利论文8_"Z0k ~kP7~

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51009145)水利论文/Am+o/G&PD

水利论文 a:sYC/il

the Research Foundation of the State Key Lab of Ocean Engineering (Grant No. 0811)水利论文q:gj9po5`0F

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the Research Foundation of the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of High Speed Ship Engineering (Grant No. HSSE1004)

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the Natural Science Foundation of Naval University of Engineering (Grant No. HGDQNJJ10010)水利论文%l)v T]J+J a



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1. Introduction A propeller is the main underwater noise source of a ship. As the propeller rotates in a non-uniform wake field behind a ship, the unsteady force on the propeller will lead to discrete tonal noise. Predicting and controlling propeller noi水利论文e'}9nzDg!g3c

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