Experimental Researches on Reflective and Transmitting Performances of Quarter C

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A b.M/?#X9B T&n+j0Experimental Researches on Reflective and Transmitting Performances of Quarter Circular Breakwater Under Regular and Irregular Waves

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史艳娇 吴米玲 蒋学炼 李炎保

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【摘要】:A series of regular and irregular wave experiments are conducted to study the reflective and transmitting performances of quarter circular breakwater (QCB) in comparison with those of semi-circular breakwater (SCB). Based on regular wave tests, the reflection and transmission characteristics of QCB are analyzed and a few influencing factors are investigated. Then, the wave energy dissipation as wave passing over the breakwater is discussed based on the hydraulic coefficients of QCB and SCB. In irregular wave experiments, the reflection coefficients of QCB and their spectrums are studied. Finally, the comparisons between the experimental results and numerical simulations for QCB under regular and irregular wave conditions are presented.







b!n$G7oB^0quarter circular breakwater; regular wave; irregular wave; reflection; transmission水利论文^(T;`TGo,M(R n

I3~ Ben0【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50779045)

"S"mVg;}'g0 水利论文buo%[9AD

the Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering (Grant No. 0710)水利论文3IG pm(} j


the National Science Foundation for Post-Doctoral Scientists of China (Grant No. 20080440681)水利论文#q.l-i~ M5T

水利论文U/Y'V8D)^ vz%IG

the Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin, China (Grant No. 10JCYBJC03700)

d8jC&ci#J Z0a&z0 水利论文H M!z O9B

the Scientific and Technologic Development Foundation of the Higher Education Institutions of Tianjin,China (Grant No. 20080906)

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【分类号】:U656.2水利论文 g _X/X#u9O1d

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A8? Q'~0G[(w*_01. Introduction Quarter circle breakwater (QCB) is a new-type breakwater first proposed by Xie et al. (2006) on the basis of semi-circular breakwater (SCB). Similar to SCB, QCB is usually placed on rubble-mound foundation and its superstructure consists水利论文F*U,q8B&S N)G

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