A 3-D Time-Domain Coupled Model for Nonlinear Waves Acting on A Box-Shaped Ship

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XB H*C'b%Je0h0A 3-D Time-Domain Coupled Model for Nonlinear Waves Acting on A Box-Shaped Ship Fixed in A Harbor


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(lO"Nj L0【摘要】:A 3-D time-domain numerical coupled model is developed to obtain an efficient method for nonlinear waves acting on a box-shaped ship fixed in a harbor. The domain is divided into the inner domain and the outer domain. The inner domain is the area beneath the ship and the flow is described by the simplified Euler equations. The remaining area is the outer domain and the flow is defined by the higher-order Boussinesq equations in order to consider the nonlinearity of the wave motions. Along the interface boundaries between the inner domain and the outer domain, the volume flux is assumed to be continuous and the wave pressures are equal. Relevant physical experiment is conducted to validate the present model and it is shown that the numerical results agree with the experimental data. Compared the coupled model with the flow in the inner domain governed by the Laplace equation, the present coupled model is more efficient and its solution procedure is simpler, which is particularly useful for the study on the effect of the nonlinear waves acting on a fixed box-shaped ship in a large harbor.

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nonlinear waves; coupled model; Boussinesq equations; Euler equations

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 41072235 and 50809008)水利论文lJw0wl m


the Hong Kong Research Council (HKU 7171/06E)

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XEF:l yt5s0the Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province of China (Grant No. 20102006)水利论文.s q C Ssp"x


the Open Foundation of Hunan Province Key Laboratory of Water & Sediment Science and Water Hazard Prevention (Grant No.2008SS04)

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1. Introduction There are two common approaches, namely potential theory and Navier-Stokes (N-S) theory, to calculate nonlinear wave forces acting on a body. In the potential theory, the Laplace equation for velocity potential under nonlinear boundary co

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