Fatigue Analysis of the Taut-Wire Mooring System Applied for Deep Waters--《China

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Fatigue Analysis of the Taut-Wire Mooring System Applied for Deep Waters


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【摘要】:Precisely predicting the fatigue life of taut-wire mooring systems has become an interesting and important problem for scientists and engineers since there are still difficulties in the inspection and maintenance of mooring lines in a rough sea environment especially in deep waters. In this paper, a comprehensive fatigue analysis is performed for a polyester taut-wire mooring system of an FPSO based on the time domain dynamic theory, rainflow cycle counting method and linear damage accumulation rule of Palmgren-Miner. Three influential factors in the fatigue analysis including the pre-tension, dynamic stiffness and T-N curve are investigated in detail. Two polyester T-N curves, one is from the DNV- OS-E301 and the other is from the API-RP-2SM, are adopted in the calculation. The fatigue analysis of the mooring system after one-line failure is also carried out. The calculation results indicate that the fatigue life is significantly affected by the T-N curve. The fatigue life decreases with increasing pre-tension, and is largely reduced if taking into account the dynamic stiffness caused by cyclic loading. The analysis also proves that one-line failure has remarkable effects on the fatigue lives of other mooring lines. The present parametric and comparative study is believed to be meaningful to further understanding of the taut-wire mooring system for deepwater applications.

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&y&Q:oA,Id0taut-wire mooring system; fatigue analysis; T-N curve; dynamic stiffness; pre-tension; one-line failure

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【基金】:supported by the Key Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50639030)水利论文"NO)\`2K$o\^


the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program, Grant No. 2006AA09Z348)水利论文@PxzL.w;@d|

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m'|U"Xx3J"p0Recently, the offshore industry has been forced to explore deep waters beyond 3000 ft for oil and gas production. Several types of deepwater floating structures, such as FPSO, Spar and MODU, have been widely employed. Meanwhile, the need for cost-effecti

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