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Wave Run-up on A Coaxial Perforated Circular Cylinder水利论文 wh:b0W@#I6om




0@T+Q'G;qJ9RNt0【摘要】:This paper describes a plane regular wave interaction with a combined cylinder which consists of a solid inner column and a coaxial perforated outer cylinder.The outer perforated surface is a thin porous cylinder with an annular gap between it and the inner cylinder.The non-linear boundary condition at the perforated wall is a prime focus in the study;energy dissipation at the perforated wall occurs through the resistance to the fluid across the perforated wall.Explicit analytical formulae are presented to calculate the wave run-up on the outer and inner surfaces of the perforated cylinder and the surface of the inner column.The theoretical results of the wave run-up are compared with previous experimental data.Numerical results have also been obtained:when the ratio of the annular gap between the two cylinders to incident wavelength(b-a)/L≤0.1,the wave run-up on the inner surface of the perforated cylinder and the surface of inner column can partially or completely exceed the incident wave height.

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)l+[v.V(A:P(tI8s_0plane water wave;coaxial perforated cylinder;wave run-up;flow resistance水利论文-K N)Md3f@hx



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/Tl|!f'x/DL'D01. Introduction Vertical structures are built for sheltering ports and inlets in deep water areas. Owing to the vertical impermeable seaward walls, strong reflections of incoming waves and large wave loads occur at the structure surface. The porous layer

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