An Approximation to Energy Dissipation in Time Domain Simulation of Sloshing Wav

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u3X Uf'rG3|4l"a0An Approximation to Energy Dissipation in Time Domain Simulation of Sloshing Waves Based on Linear Potential Theory

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【摘要】:This paper proposes a new approximation to energy dissipation in time domain simulation of sloshing waves by use of a linear potential theory.The boundary value problem is solved by the NURBS(non-uniform rational B-spline) higher-order panel method,in which a time-domain Green function is employed.The energy dissipation is modeled by changing the boundary condition on solid boundaries.Model experiments are carried out in a partially filled rectangular tank with forced horizontal motion.Sloshing-induced internal pressures and horizontal force obtained numerically and experimentally are compared with each other.It is observed that the present energy dissipation approximation can help produce a fair agreement between experimental forces and those of numerical simulations.

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(X/V'ZRz_5W0tank sloshing;energy dissipation;NURBS higher-order method;time domain

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【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50779008)水利论文'uV%{3xL$xn


the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (Grant No. NCET-07-0230)水利论文H1k]VT-UK@6f+Y4\

H?4f*wYD!S0the “111” Project of China (Grant No. B07019)水利论文 YM^eT t3e$[


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OtU'C+GH01. Introduction Sloshing induced loads and forces are important in simulating ship motions in waves. However, the ship motion and the sloshing inside the tank are coupled. For the solution of the coupled problem, the time domain approach is preferred bec水利论文h{c_2tW

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