Fatigue Characteristic Analysis of Deepwater Steel Catenary Risers at the Touchd

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Fatigue Characteristic Analysis of Deepwater Steel Catenary Risers at the Touchdown Point

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$jXL(d-q\6LF8B0【摘要】:This paper presents fatigue characteristic analysis of a deepwater steel catenary riser(SCR)under ambient excitations.The SCR involves complex nonlinear dynamic behaviors,especially at the touchdown point(TDP)where the riser first touches the seafloor.Owing to the significant interaction with soil,the touchdown zone is difficult to be modeled.Based on Lumped-Mass method and P-y curve,nonlinear springs are used to simulate the SCR-seabed coupled interaction.In case studies,an SCR's dynamic features have been obtained by transient analysis and the structure fatigue assessment has been carried out by S-N approach.The comparative analysis shows that the TDP is the key location where soil-riser interaction rises steeply and minimum fatigue life occurs.Parameters such as ocean environment loads,vessel motions,riser material and geometric parameters are discussed.The results indicate that the vessel motion is the principal factor for the structure fatigue life distribution.水利论文,qL `/L;\zU6J

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steel catenary riser;touchdown point;fatigue analysis;dynamic response;nonlinear spring水利论文;ab|ed

\` [6Gna0【基金】:supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.50739004)


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1.IntroductionThe steel catenaryriser(SCR)is the key apparatus in ultra-deep water exploitation,which in-volves complex nonlinear dynamic behaviors.Application of the SCRis challenged in some cases duetothe highfatigue problem(Huang and Li,2006).Most vul

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