Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Ships Oscillating in A Numerical Wave

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s0p$l6n` k b!Y6Qs0Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Ships Oscillating in A Numerical Wave Tank水利论文oQA9@$H

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朱仁传 缪国平 郭海强 余建伟

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【摘要】:A technique for the evaluation of the hydrodynamic coefficients of ships is outlined for ship oscillating in a numerical wave tank, which is established on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) theories. The numerical simulation of ship sections and bodies forced oscillating in the tank are carried out. The added mass and damping coefficients are obtained by the decomposition of the computational results, which agree well with the corresponding ones of potential theories.

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JQ U*y,LY-a0numerical wave tank; computational fluid dynamics; added mass; damping; ship motion

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【基金】:supported by the Key Programof the National Natural Science Foundation of China(GrantNo.50639020)

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the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program,Gtant No.2006AA09Z332)


(sL%V~!y6b2[*DS3r0the Special Fund of State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering of China


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1.IntroductionAccurate evaluationof ship hydrodynamic coefficientsis one of the key problemsforthe predictionf ship hydrodynamic performancesin waves.Upto now,there are manytheoretical methodsto predicthip motions,such as strip theory,slender body theory

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