RANS Simulation of Podded Propulsor Performances in Straight Forward Motion--《Ch

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"a#F_(_1|?{*P0RANS Simulation of Podded Propulsor Performances in Straight Forward Motion水利论文c_({QgAO

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【摘要】:The Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)approach is adopted to study the steady and unsteady performances of the podded propulsor by the Fluent software package.While the interactions of the propeller blades with the pod and strut are time-dependent by nature,the mixing plane model is employed firstly to predict the steady performance,where the interactions are time-averaged.Numerical experiments are carried out with systematically varied mesh sizes to investigate the dependence of the predicted force values on the mesh sizes.Furthermore,the sliding mesh model is employed to simulate the unsteady interactions between the blades,pod and strut.Based on the numerical results,the characteristics of unsteady hydrodynamic forces are discussed,and the applicability of the mixing plane model is investigated for puller-type podded propulsor.水利论文5H{!Q"U3T

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podded propulsor;propeller;steady;unsteady水利论文:Len |N U.[a,R


【基金】:supported by the“Knowledge-based Ship Design Hyper-Integrated Platform(KSHIP)”

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[ x6u Eo6Q\{0a key project of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance of China水利论文 u+Hj s$d"yt1z

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^JrS hm!g6ux0【正文快照】:水利论文fEe&WGo

p*m T#j1s ~3D"C7~ k01.IntroductionSince its first applicationin1990,the podded propulsor hasfound a broadrange of applicationontankers,ice breakers,and cruise liners,etc.This novel propulsion device is advantageous over con-ventional propellers in many ways.For example,the水利论文 Zlor Ub:s

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