The Mathematical and Parameterized Expressions for Wave Induced Excess Flow of M

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The Mathematical and Parameterized Expressions for Wave Induced Excess Flow of Momentum

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【摘要】:Wave induced excess flow of momentum(WIEFM)is the averaged flow of momentum over a wave period due to wave presence,which may also be called 3-D radiation stress.In this paper,the 3-D current equations with WIEFM are derived from the averaged Navier-Stokes equations over a wave period,in which the velocity is separated into the large-scale background velocity,the wave particle velocity and the turbulent fluctuation velocity.A concept of wave fluctuating layer(WFL)is put forward,which is the vertical column from the wave trough to wave ridge.The mathematical expressions of WIEFM in WFL and below WFL are given separately.The parameterized expressions of WIEFM are set up according to the linear wave theory.The integration of WIEFM in the vertical direction equals the traditional radiation stress(namely 2-D radiation stress)given by Longuet-Higgins and Stewart.

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【作者单位】:水利论文\ F8Z`.UE


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*][ FK tC C0wave induced excess flow of momentum;wave fluctuating layer;radiation stress水利论文T%Vnz3`*a.U7~


【基金】:This project was supported bythe Major State Basic Research Program(Grant No.2002412403)水利论文FP)`IrB}/}*a

7m+h,Y#~p0o~N0the NationalNatural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.40306014)

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!mf`B U&R0【正文快照】:


f+hc@0X)Fj01.IntroductionIt is well knownthat wave inducedflowof momentum(WIFM)impacts current.Longuet-Higginsand Stewart(1964)gave the integration of WIFMover a wave period in the vertical direction,andnamedit as the radiation stress,which has been widely usedin2-水利论文0}7J9{1gc{ Q M

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