Parametric Analysis of A Submerged Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Shock Waves--《

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Parametric Analysis of A Submerged Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Shock Waves

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:S;H+x%XG0【摘要】:In this study,an FEM-SBFEM(scaled boundary finite element method)coupling procedure proposed by Fan et al.(2005)is adopted to obtain the dynamic responses of a submerged cylindrical shell subjected to plane step or exponential acoustic shock waves.The coupling procedure can readily be applied to three-dimensional problem,however for clarity,the problems to be presented are limited to two-dimensional domain.In the analyses,the cylindrical shell is modeled by simple beam elements(using FEM),while the effects of the surrounding infinite fluid is modeled by the SBFEM.In it,no free surface and seabed are involved.Compared with Fan and his co-authors' works,the FEM-SBFEM coupling procedure is further verified to be feasible for shock waves by benchmark examples.Furthermore,parametric studies are performed and presented to gain insight into effects of the geometric and material properties of the cylindrical shell on its dynamic responses.水利论文Y{ ]Y5D3Xm

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0hM!}#]jbr0cylindrical shell;FEM-SBFEM coupling;shock wave;infinite fluid; parametric study水利论文a\oZ"jD0qn6EB

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u?5m7p:sUO"w+v01.IntroductionThe fluid-structure interaction(FSI)problems exist in many real-life situations.Amongst them,the dynamic responses of a submerged cylindrical shell have been attractingthe attentions of manyre-searchers.Particularly,the safetyof the submerg

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