Turbulent Evolution and Energetics of Lock-Release Gravity Currents--《中国海洋工程(英文版

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Turbulent Evolution and Energetics of Lock-Release Gravity Currents水利论文 i]*\Q \(p CL2c


林雯煊 陈国谦 朱金波 李植 王冠香


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i2k,ts!k c"R0【作者单位】:水利论文 ^kw$F-E

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【关键词】:水利论文R VjlgKKw6p


gravity currents; turbulence modeling; environmental hydraulics

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【基金】:The paper was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.10372006)


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)@ F4wR~:D01 .Introduction Atypical case of gravity currents (Simpson,1997) that has been studied frequentlyis the lock-release gravity current .Asillustratedin Fig.1 ,twofluids of different densities are placedinarectan-gular channel ,beinginitially at rest andsep

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