Stress Analysis and Optimum Design of PDC Die for Offshore Drilling Engineering-

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U r'Z MA0Stress Analysis and Optimum Design of PDC Die for Offshore Drilling Engineering水利论文t Hf/e)|Uf"v6v

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PDC bit; compact; die; optimum design; finite element method; software; offshore drilling水利论文 N!C| ^"H;{!{Z9r9Z



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v.r"~8HRb;P z+z!W01 .IntroductionThe polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit has completelyreplacedthethree-cone bitinoff-shore directional drillinginrelativelysoft ,nonabrasiveformations ,or evenin hardformations whenthedrillingintervals are small .APDCbit consists of水利论文d$D4p%c)R'wZ4c?

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