Effect of Internal Flow on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Submarine Free Spanning P

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;V0Q~^ d0Z6J#E0Effect of Internal Flow on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Submarine Free Spanning Pipelines水利论文\ky\7m*o[

fW9dpXL ]U0娄敏 丁坚 郭海燕 董晓林

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vortex-induced vibration; internal flow; free span; submarine pipelines

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eD(|%pMv0【基金】:This Project was fincianlly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50379050)

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ma7O.[(rO e:r O01. IntroductionWith the decrease of terrestrial oil resources, many countries attach importance to the exploitationof offshore oil resources, and large numbers of submarine pipelines are laid. Free spans of submarinepipelines inevitably occur as a result水利论文 z0Q,m[R-?:z/q

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