Statistical Distribution of Depth-Integrated Local Horizontal Momentum for Seco

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scNu rh"Hx#x0Statistical Distribution of Depth-Integrated Local Horizontal Momentum for Second-Order Random Ocean Waves in Finite Water Depth




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b:[-vuDV2r/J G\0statistical distribution; depth-integrated local momentum; second-order random waves; water depth; wave-number spectrum水利论文q\E:]8`)F D#O:y

V4h n;n,Tg%k:T-M']!O0【基金】:Thepresentworkwassupportedbythe 1 0 0 talentprojectoftheChineseAcademyofSciences (GrantNo .5 2 4)

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1 .IntroductionThedepth integratedlocalmomentuminducedbyoceanwavesiswidelyusedinthestudyofoceanwavedynamics (Phillips,1977) ,numericalmodellingofoceanwaves (Komenetal.,1994) ,wavebreaking (BannerandTian ,1998) ,andsoon .However,mostoftheseresearchesassum

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