Singularity and Breaking of the Third Order Stokes Waves--《China Ocean Engineeri

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Singularity and Breaking of the Third Order Stokes Waves水利论文)wz+ELIz&^

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孙孚 高山 王伟 钱成春

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【关键词】:水利论文?Vmm @H,Z


Stokes waves; breaking criterion; breaking width; singularity

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【基金】:ThisProjectwasfinallysupportedbytheNationalNaturalScienceFoundationofChina(GrantNos.4 0 2 760 10水利论文)ynT6])T/y


4 99760 0 3and 4 98760 12 )

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?/Z5{LZ(e[@K01 .IntroductionAsavividtheoryofwaterwaveswithfiniteamplitudes ,Stokeswaveshasbeenstudiedthoroughlyandappliedwidelyinmarinescience

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