Wave Energy Study in China: Advancements and Perspectives--《China Ocean Engineer

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{2L!d6T$w ^0Wave Energy Study in China: Advancements and Perspectives水利论文q!Kc_:J0r%X.tZdF

'?a:L9G1}/ac0游亚戈 郑永红 沈永明 吴必军 刘荣




【作者单位】:水利论文;tl }^K q!Y.Ww ?

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|:W7EH%q0wave energy; stable output; energy buffer; advancements and perspectives; oscillating buoy; wave energy devices水利论文?} b/sew

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【基金】:ThissubjectwassupportedbytheHighTechResearchandDevelopment ( 863)Program (GrantNo .2 0 0 1AA5 160 10 )水利论文%G3H` etBaM

:s1y-oj+cP8Iq?0theNationalNaturalScienceFoundationofChina (GrantNo .5 99760 4 7andNo .5 99790 2 5 ) theScienceandTechnic

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ProgramofGuangdongProvince (GrantNo .C水利论文3Kiy@3j7F

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【正文快照】:水利论文cC!A+Elcj [!oz

[m!XS"Tc w6|n01 .Introduction1ThissubjectwassupportedbytheHighTechResearchandDevelopment ( 863)Program (GrantNo .2 0 0 1AA5 160 10 ) ,theNationalNaturalScien

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