Long Waves Associated with Bichromatic Waves--《China Ocean Engineering》2001年02期

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Long Waves Associated with Bichromatic Waves水利论文HU.NGLX y


董国海 叶文亚 Nicholas Dodd

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【摘要】:正 A numerical model of low frequency waves is presented. The model is based on that of Roelvink (1993), but the nu-merical techniques used in the solution are based on the so-called Weighted-Average Flux (WAF) method with Time-Operator-Splitting (TOS) used for the treatment of the source terms. This method allows a small number of computational points to be used, and is particularly efficient in modeling wave setup. The short wave (or primary wave) energy equation is solved with a traditional Lax-Wendroff technique. A nonlinear wave theory is introduced. The model described in this paper is found to be satisfactory in modeling low frequency waves associated with incident bichromalic waves.

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ul2D on0Q0incident waves; bichromatic waves; long wares; ware breaking水利论文,s(g*Cmn{

xHE8~*JX7o0【基金】:This project was supported by the British Council水利论文 O LB}b2[6X

)iHh,M'`c0the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.59809001 and 1 9732004)

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Wn+W kl:M V0【分类号】:P731.2水利论文s \H;E6G0i N\l7Y


【正文快照】:水利论文 w3x&O)P8J(K+?[ _


1.IntrOduction N0 matter whether the main wave activity iS a locally generated“sea“or swell。waves tendto form into groups,inducing long waves which have troughs coinciding with the largest wavesin the group.Long waves share the group period(typically水利论文Cp6?b8X

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