Dynamic Risk Analysis of Permanent Deformation of Sea Embankment--《China Ocean E

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Dynamic Risk Analysis of Permanent Deformation of Sea Embankment水利论文)Q.IZ6OQ&[.x


高玉峰 刘汉龙 余湘娟水利论文?&V#r'gNA n$q

szW8j{-P\0【摘要】:正 For evaluation of the permanent deformation of a sea embankment under stochastic earthquake excitation, a robust dynamic risk analytical method is presented based on conventional permanent deformation analysis and stochastic seismic response analysis. This method can predict not only the mean value of maximum permanent deformation but also the reliability corresponding to different deformation control standards. The earthquake motion is modelled as a stationary Gaussian filtered white noise random process. The predicted average maximum horizontal permanent displacement is in agreement with the conventional result. Further studied are the reliability of permanent deformation due to stochastic wave details at one seismic motion level and the risk of permanent deformation due to stochastic seismic strength, i. e., the maximum acceleration in a long period. Therefore, it is possible to make the optimal design in terms of safety and economy according to the importance of a sea embankment. It is suggested tha


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stochastic earthquake; risk analysis; permanent deformation; sea embankment

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[gQak cwE(UC0【基金】:This work was supported by the China-Dutch International Cooperation Project on Educational Science and Technology

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1.IntrOductiOn A sea embankment iS a structure constructed to protect the hinterland against flooding andstorm surges.Many methods to predict the earthquake—induced permanent deformation of em.bankments have been studied since 1 960s(Liu.1 995).most of水利论文|SP)mgRQ^[

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