Beta Distribution of Surface Elevation of Random Waves--《China Ocean Engineering

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Beta Distribution of Surface Elevation of Random Waves

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【摘要】:正 A probability density function (PDF) is derived of beta distribution with both λ3 (skewness) and λ4 (kurtosis) as parameters for weakly nonlinear wave surface elevation by use of a method recently proposed by Srokosz. This PDF not only has a simpler form than the well-known Gram-Charlier Series PDF derived by Longuet-Higgins. but also overcomes an obvious shortcoming of the latter that when the series is unsuitably truncated, the resulting PDF is locally negative. To test the derived beta PDF, laboratorial experiments of wind waves are conducted. The experimental data indicate that the theoretical requirements of the parameters in the beta PDF are fulfilled. The experimental results show that the present PDF is in better agreement with the measured data than the beta PDF only including parameter λ3, and also than the Gram-Charlier Series PDF truncated up to the term of H6.

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f3CI,n.H%qN ]U0weak nonlinearity; probability density function; skewness; kurtosis

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【基金】:This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 59676277) the 863-818 Project (05-02)水利论文8|#H\{IN _f5f/d i

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:U/RjY M!CM01.IntrOductiOn The statistical distribution of surface elevation of nonlinear random waves iS an importantSUbject in ocean wave study.Owing to the increasing need in ocean engineering.ocean remotesensing and oceanic military techniques.this subject iS at水利论文m [p2M,v|%Ofp0m

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