不可压缩SPH数学模型的并行求解(王本龙; D.C.Causon; 刘桦)

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【作者】王本龙; D.C.Causon; 刘桦 【作者单位】上海交通大学船舶海洋与建筑工程学院工程力学系; CMMFA Computing and Mathematics; Manchester Metropolitan University水利论文d"{!Y*a F/o]~

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【论文摘要】 SPH 方法的广泛应用对不可压缩模型和高效的并行计算方法提出了需求.本研究采用时间分裂算法求解 NS 方程,采用基于染色算法的区域分解,在共享内存式并行计算机上实现了压力 Poisson 方程的并行求解.通过该并行模式实现矩阵迭代过程中的并行向前和向后回代,可以显著提高计算并行效率.水利论文+Y1aJ4pm| [T

G0yr8U@*u0【英文论文摘要】 The incompressible condition and parallel computing becomes more and more important during the developing and applications of SPH methods.Parallel solution of the Navier-Stokes equations with multi-coloring and fractional step is addressed in this work.Forward and backward substitutions during the solution of pressure Poisson equation are implemented through multi-coloring technique on a share memory parallel computer,which leads to a high level computational efficiency.水利论文4mR!D G(s'f[}X

5p9_KUKgHW|Hl H0【论文关键词】 不可压缩 SPH; 并行计算; ICCG水利论文1a4[OQ*Yj&G DT
【英文论文关键词】 incompressible SPH; parallel computing; ICCG
KOgM,F0E{0【基金】博士点基金项目(20060248046);; 国家自然科学基金项目(10572093)资助.



TAG: SPH 刘桦 数学模型 王本龙 Causon
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