SPH方法模拟复杂自由表面流动的研究(刘恩洲; 张健; 陆利蓬)

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,f.W?$o [I0SPH方法模拟复杂自由表面流动的研究


Ki4eA3l*a3H j0【作者】刘恩洲; 张健; 陆利蓬 【作者单位】北京航空航天大学能源与动力工程学院


水利论文*L(R3ZT C \{e
【论文摘要】 采用 SPH 方法对双壁面溃坝流动情况进行了模拟。通过对光滑核函数及壁面边界条件的改进,提高了计算的稳定性,模拟结果成功地捕捉到水体与壁面碰撞处剧烈的大变形结构,以及水体翻转,水花飞溅等自由表面的复杂变形,并得到了定性合理的压力场的分布变化情况。水利论文4W8@u8`+iY2_-G


【英文论文摘要】 By using SPH method,the double-wall dam-break flow was simulated.By modification of interpolation kernel function(IKF)and boundary conditions the SPH method can get a better veracity and stability in simulating such flows with free surface and acute impact upon the complex geometry.The results successfully caught complex physical phenomena such as fluid spraying and fusing and the distortion of interface in the process of fluid impacting on wall boundary and barriers boundary.It successfully captured the distribution and evolution of pressure fields during the procedure of the complex flow.水利论文K tsA^'C

水利论文r jau&I vw

【论文关键词】 SPH; 粒子; 溃坝
5L8D0n"F-na}Lw9r0【英文论文关键词】 SPH; dam-break flow; particle水利论文m^Xe*_6eG I*]

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TAG: SPH 自由表面 张健 刘恩洲 陆利蓬
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