4250TEU集装箱船舵空泡试验研究 (陈建挺; 虞赉; 胡平)

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,f#Td.vTJ@0【作者】陈建挺; 虞赉; 胡平 【作者单位】上海船舶运输科学研究所; 中国船舶及海洋工程设计研究院水利论文P.I3j&Ca0_ n

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B9ZDwFSj0【论文摘要】 大型集装箱船航速高,主机功率大,实船航运中半平衡舵上易产生由空泡引起的剥蚀危害。为改善这种状况,在本所空泡水筒进行了4250TEU 集装箱船舵空泡试验研究。观察操舵过程中舵空泡产生的情况,探讨降低舵剥蚀的方法,延长舵的有效使用年限。


cSUK'p,Od0【英文论文摘要】 Cavitation erosion happens easily on semi-balanced rudder of large container ship due to ship high power and speed.To reduce the danger of cavitation erosion on container ship rudder surface ,an experimental study of rudder cavitation for a 4250TEU container ship is carded out in the cavitation tunnel of SSSRI.The cavitation occurred on rudder surface in the case of different rudder angles is observed.Also the cause for rudder cavitation is analyzed and some measures for reducing rudder erosion are recommended for enlarging rudder life.水利论文 V e-y}&{0_!d

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【论文关键词】 大型集装箱船; 操舵试验; 舵空泡
[3MD?5G2HB0【英文论文关键词】 Large container vessel; Rudder handing test; Rudder cavitation水利论文U7XIJ)\ L*f6t@

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TAG: 试验 胡平 集装箱船 陈建挺 虞赉
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