Y型加糙体绕流特性数值研究(朱代臣; 王家生; 朱勇辉; 魏国远)

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Y型加糙体绕流特性数值研究水利论文Fo$M A Y9Jp,x$q2f

-o {3tS5S-H&IT0【作者】朱代臣; 王家生; 朱勇辉; 魏国远 【作者单位】长江科学院河流研究所水利论文!^'U1j9C8Jkrk`)d


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【论文摘要】 加糙是河工模拟的关键过程之一,加糙体的绕流是其形成阻力最重要的微观过程, 研究加糙体绕流对于认识模型加糙的微观机理有着非常重要的意义。应用二维 CFD 模型对 Y 型糙体进行了平面二维绕流特性研究。研究结果表明:Y 型糙体的升阻力系数及其绕流流场, 按糙体雷诺数的大小可分为层流区、过渡区和紊流区,相应的阻力系数先线性减小,然后小幅减小再增加,在紊流区基本保持不变:糙体雷诺数小于25时糙体尾流形成两对称定常涡, 大于25后则转化为非对称非定常涡;出现非定常涡后升阻力系数都呈周期性的变化规律,涡的产生频率与升力系数的变化周期一致;尺度相当的 Y 型糙体的绕流阻力大于圆柱的绕流阻力。水利论文yL!c8C` c F8d+y9])q

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【英文论文摘要】 Roughness simulation is one of the most important processes of physical river model. Adding roughness is necessary of the roughness simulation.Macro resistance is integrated by micro vortex which caused by roughness element.In this paper the two-dimensional CFD model is used to simulate flow around a roughness element shaped as letter"Y".The calculation results show that: according to Reynolds number,the drag and lift coefficients and velocity fields can be divided into three fields:laminar,transitional and turbulent field.The drag coefficients linearly decline,decline slowly then climb,fix in the turbulent field.When the Reynolds number is less than 25,there are two symmetric vortices attached to the wake of the roughness element and the flow is steady,when Reynolds number is greater then 25,the rear flow is asymmetric and unsteady,and the periodic vortices alternately shed from the sides of the roughness element.Drag and lift coefficients change periodically when flow is unsteady,and...更多 the frequency of lift coefficients is the same as that of vortices shedding.The drag of roughness element shaped as letter"Y"is larger than that of cylinder with the same size.  还原水利论文cK:V%^ `TXp C

MR%ypTw&v0【论文关键词】 Y 型加糙体; 数值模拟; 绕流涡街; 升阻力系数
vUX Sgw g0【英文论文关键词】 flow around a roughness element shaped as letter"Y"; numerical simulation; vortex street; drag and lift coefficients水利论文'x kA0t~

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