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三峡葛洲坝通航水流数值模拟及航运调度系统研究【作者】姚仕明 【导师】王兴奎

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三峡葛洲坝通航水流数值模拟航运调度系统研究水利论文Y soscs&?~

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L)r-DTr |0【中文摘要】 三峡工程建成运用后,两坝间航道将成为长江下游与上游航运的“瓶颈”。本文基于水流数学模型、GPS定位技术及三维虚拟仿真技术等,建立了庙河至虎牙滩河段的航运监控调度系统,对该河段的通航水流条件与航运监控调度的功能等进行了研究,对促进水利学科的发展与生产应用均具有重要的意义。论文取得了下述1、2两项创新成果,完成了与之相关的研究内容:1建立了船舶航线优选模型,研究了船舶航行速度、船舶与水流方向交角以及过江时间三者之间的关系。采用此模型研究得出,莲沱至南津关河段的通航时间增加10.7天,相当于增加155万吨的通过能力,具有巨大的经济效益。2建立了集数据库、数学模型、GPS和三维仿真为一体的三峡航运监控调度系统,实现了系统中各模块之间的交互;系统具有三维场景漫游、查询、定位、数据资料的列表与实时显示、监控预警与应急处理和航运调度等功能,为制定航运调度方案提供了整体直观的支持平台。3研发了二、三维水流数学模型。运用室内弯道以及庙河至虎牙滩河段的实测资料,对模型进行了验证与合理性分析,结果表明,模型计算结果与实测资料基本吻合,可用于庙河至虎牙滩河段的通航水流条件研究。4三峡水库运行初期,坝区河段流...更多速大幅度减小,航运效益显著提高;宜昌河段在流量为4000~40000 m 3 /s条件下,能满足万吨级船队的航行条件,但当流量增至45000 m 3 /s时,万吨级船队通航存在困难。5在不考虑泥沙冲淤变化的情况下,三峡电站在枯水季节的日调节期间,两坝间河段的通航水流条件满足大吨位船舶的航行条件;在葛洲坝坝前水位为66.0m时,两坝间万吨级船队通航限制流量约为30000 m 3 /s ;当葛洲坝坝前水位降至63.0m时,相应的流量减小到25000 m 3 /s。若提高船舶上行限制流速至3.5 m /s时,两坝间河段的通航限制流量可增加至40000 m 3 /s。6运用GPS差分定位技术设计了船舶监控系统,可对庙河至虎牙滩之间水域的船舶定位和跟踪,进而实现对该水域船舶的科学调度和船舶过坝管理。  还原水利论文;?})`+^h$Nh J,j

:C P,t'c9l8v0【英文摘要】 The reach of the Yangtze River between the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhouba Dam will become a navigational bottleneck after the Three Gorges Project (TGP) is put into operation. Based on numerical model, Global Positioning System (GPS), and three-dimensional virtual simulation technique, a shipping monitoring & dispatching system that oversees the Miaohe-Huyatan reach of the Yangtze has been established in the dissertation. Navigable flow conditions in that reach and various functions of the developed system have also been studied. The results obtained are of great significance in fostering the development of water conservancy research both in theory and in practice.Two innovative results have been achieved (1-2) together with other supporting research findings (3-6). These are detailed as follows:1 A unified model for optimizing sailing courses has been established. The relationship among the speed of the ship, the angle of the hull to the flow, and the time required to traverse ...更多the river has been investigated. The results show that after optimization, the navigable time can be increased by 10.7 days, equivalent to an increase of 1.55 million tons in navigation capacity.2 An integrated shipping monitoring & dispatching system has been developed which unifies database, numerical model, GPS, and three-dimensional virtual simulation technique. The system permits flexible interactions among each module, and it possess all the functions such as three-dimensional scene browsing, information querying, object positioning, data listing & displaying, monitoring & pre-warning, emergency managing, navigation dispatching, and so on. It serves as an integral, intuitive, and straightforward supporting platform for optimizing navigation dispatching schemes.3 Two- and three-dimensional numerical flow models have been developed and verified with a combination of laboratory data and field data from the Miaohe-Hyuatan reach. Good agreement between model prediction and the measured data has been reported which ensures the reliable application of the developed model to the study of navigable flow conditions in the concerned river reach. 4 Analysis shows that the shipping industry will gain significant benefits thanks to the remarkable drop in flow velocity in the dam area during the early operation stage of TGP. The navigation requirements in flow condition can be satisfied for the 10000-ton towboats within the range of 4000~40000 m3/s in the Yichang reach. When the discharge increases to 45000m3/s, however, the flow conditions render it difficult for the 10000-ton towboats to navigate safely.5 It’s shown that the flow conditions in dry seasons in the reach between the dams meet the requirements of large tonnage ships during the daily regulation period of the TGP power station without considering the riverbed fluvial process. The limiting discharge for the 10000-ton towboats is about 30000 m3/s when the Gezhouba water stage is kept at 66.0m. If the water stage falls to 63.0m, the corresponding limiting discharge reduces to 25000 m3/s. The limiting discharge can be lifted to 40000 m3/s if the maximum flow velocity is allowed to rise to 3.5 m/s.6 A ship monitoring system has been designed by employing differential positioning technique of GPS. Through positioning and tracing ships that navigate the Miaohe-huyatan reach, the dispatch of ships in this river reach and the management of ships passing the TGP lock can be realized in a  还原水利论文0g(aNT#`.^ ]

S t0N)^)K'}0【中文关键词】 三峡工程; 通航水流条件; 数值模拟; GPS; 航运调度系统
t jx9V,A? M3A0【英文关键词】 Three Gorges Project; navigable flow conditions; numerical simulation; Global Positioning System; navigation dispatching system
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