Similarity research of anomalous dynamic response of ship girder subjected to ne

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Similarity research of anomalous dynamic response of ship girder subjected to near field underwater explosion

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Abstract:The final anomalous sag distortion of the ship girder subjected to the near field underwater explosion (undex) below the middle ship is studied.The sinking exercise of Spruance class destroyer DD973 sunk by one MK48 torpedo is first presented,and a simulation model is established.The exponential attenuation phase,the reciprocal attenuation phase,the post reciprocal attenuation phase,and the negative pressure phase of the undex load are precisely applied in this model.The fluid-solid interaction,the added water mass,the gravity,and the change of buoyancy are also taken into account.The similarity theory is then used to analyze the dynamic response of the ship girder.Similarity parameters and theory prediction formulae of the dynamic response of the ship girder are presented.The physical meaning and influences of these similarity parameters are analyzed.



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Zhen-hua ZHANG[1] Yu WANG[2] Li-jun ZHANG[1] Jian-hong YUAN[1] Hai-feng ZHAO[1]

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iU#C6z F`5`5py0Department of Ship and Ocean Engineering, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan 430033, P. R. ChinaNaval Academy of Armament, Beijing 100161, P. R. China

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k'vGC | v0应用数学和力学(英文版)

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%tV+Y_ lE\0Applied Mathematics and Mechanics


%@BV TgKC'_k$Y0年,卷(期):水利论文 m!j%a l$u6pco B!f

Y5Y|6t D H'eh/D02011, 32(12)水利论文.` }O9S } A+A

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Keywords:水利论文k K)XCN;P3F)A*n


underwater explosion (undex)水利论文Om/n~a8J5n1}1b

水利论文t0L1O]t Z[O9e(J

ship girder水利论文&l.l,p^"SS

8i[/}PY%lwaf0near field

.@(AB ?oE]x5c0 水利论文tV6|RQt$Cn D

anomalous response水利论文 q4H~[}M,|o

水利论文py4` _U)d!RKv

similarity analysis

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(Z-[ fx-gG!z0TL9 P4水利论文)ft$YB:{@W2YE

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机标关键词:水利论文6o1Va&s9{t P ? v


near field ship dynamic response similarity theory negative pressure simulation model physical meaning interaction water mass influences final class post水利论文(~uW OsP

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the National Security Major Basic Research 973 Project of China水利论文(b&i/Q:x G


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